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Engine Misfire Codes

  • 2002
  • 911 Turbo
48 000
San Clemente, 

I am having an isolated engine misfire issue with a 2002 911 Turbo with the X50 package. 


Only when the car is started from sitting overnight and allowed to idle until warmed up I will get the following misfire codes: P300, P303, P306. 


If after starting the car I rev the engine to 2 - 3K rpm's three times and each time releasing it immediately and then I let the car continue idling to warm up the check engine light will not come on.  Or if I drive off right away it will be fine as well. 


As stated above this problem only occurs if the car has not been used overnight.  If I drive the car to work and start it a few hours later there is no problem.   Thanks for any help.

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