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engine "miss"


Vehicle Information: Model: 911s; Year: 1976; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 75,000;

Hx: bought car in 1984 with 7000 miles, totaled body..restored, placed 11 blade fan, turbo "brass tube" cooler, cooling fins mods etc to keep engine cool. Also installed pop-off valve. Been a perfect car till recently...Problem: engine's missing on the #4 cylinder. Using a cylinder-selective ignition analyzer, I found the cylinder has spark but no power (no drop in RPM when cylinder is "bumped" out by analyzer). Also found pop-off valve had been leaking--the hinge pin had partially disengaged...Have not checked the injector line yet. Questions...1) Any easy way to check the injector?...2) Could the leaking pop-off valve run the engine too lean and burned a valve? Have not checked compression--it looks almost too difficult to get a gauge in there to check...Have not checked valves in 15,000 miles (I know, that's bad)...Ideas?ggg

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