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Engine oil pressure, relief, and safety springs


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T with engine upgrade; Year: 1969; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.7 l with Euro pistons, crankfire ignition, webers; Total Mileage: less than 1200 on rebuild;

Involved question here. I had a rebuild done on this engine, but upon driving, found extremely low oil pressure when warm (approx 15 psi at 3200 rpm (highway speed)). I checked the sending unit and gauge first (compared to mechanical gauge) and they were correct. Suspecting the wrong size bearings, I did a teardown myself. Bearings are good, oil pump looks good, bypass mod was done. I had even tried a couple washers below the relief spring prior to the teardown. I have not definitively found the problem, however, I took out the safety spring today, and found that the longer (96mm) spring with the guide was in the safety valve, and the shorter (76mm) spring was in the relief valve. Would this give the type of low pressure problem I had?? If so, I can re-assemble, and it only is a gasket set and time to me. If not, I need to keep looking. Thanks, and p.s. thanks for encouraging me not to use the offset box end striking force wrench - the crowsfoot ended up working well.

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