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Engine Oil Temperature during HPDE

  • 2014
  • Boxster S
56 000

I track my 2014 Boxster S w/PDK + Sport Chrono quite frequently and I'm concerned about oil temperatures.  I was at COTA for a 3-day HPDE event in June.  The ambient temps were 100-106F during that weekend.  I noticed oil temps reaching 275F on most runs.  Coolant temps were within normal operating range (nanny-pegged to 194), and oil pressures also within normal operating range, though nearing the high end at high RPMs.  I have never experienced any warning indicators and no perceived loss of performance or other heat-related issues. 

I'm currently running Mobil 1 0W40 Euro Formula.

So, the question is: In modern current generation Porsche engines, at what point do oil temps become something to be concerned about?  If oil temperature is a concern, is adding a 3rd radiator the best option to address it, or would going to a different weight oil or adding a deep sump pan be a better option?

Here's what I've found that would seem to indicate this temperature is not a problem:  

a) In the August 2016 issue of Panorama, there was a discussion with the director of GT4 ClubSport development that indicated the Porsche was not concerned with oil temps as high as 290F in 73F ambient temps racing in the GT4 ClubSport, which has the standard GT4 cooling system.

b) The red range for oil temps in the 981 seems to be at or above 300F (I haven't been able to locate anything that specifically states at what temperature the red range starts). 

c) Mobil 1 advertises their 0W40 as being able to handle temps as high as 500F without significant shearing effects.  

d) As a personal data point, I want to make sure the oil is holding up to the track days so I have my oil analysis done by Blackstone at every oil change.  After my high oil temps at COTA plus another 6000 miles of daily driving afterward, the oil condition and wear indicators were actually better than normal, and consistent or better than the Blackstone baseline with oil changed at 4600 mile intervals.

e) The car has rarely shown coolant temps outside of the range that pegs the gauge at 194. I may have seen it above 194 once in that 105 deg ambient at COTA, but it never ventured anywhere near the red range.  As such the cooling system seems to be able to radiate whatever heat is being absorbed from the engine, engine oil and PDK to keep it within normal range.

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