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Vehicle Information: Year: 1985; Engine (size, modifications): 5.0 Liter, 4cam, 32 valve, V8; Total Mileage: 65,000; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

In an attempt to stop oil leaks, I replaced cam cover gaskets and bad hoses under intake manifold. While fuel rails were off I installed injector seal kits on all fuel injectors. Engine would not start after re-assembly but I could smell gas. I let it sit over night and tried to start it again, but to no avail. Again I let it sit over night and when I tried to start the engine it would not crank (turn over). I removed the starter thinking it had jammed and loosened all the accessory drive belts. I still cant budge the engine with a 1/2" break over bar on the crank pulley. How much trouble am I in? An engine removal or overhaul? PS approx. 100 miles ago I had a professional Porsche shop replaces the timing belt and water pump. It ran great afterwards and has always been an easy starter.

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