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Engine Shuts Off After 10 Second Run

  • 1974
  • 914 1.8
100 102
Fuel Injection & Carbs

I have a Porsche 1974 1.8.  I have just upgraded most body parts with new parts.  After consederable time the mechanic found that the engine cut off after running smoothly for 10-20 seconds.  The engine was losing fuel pressure.  As part of his troubleshooting the mechsanic did the following: 

1.  All power/grounds were checked through the Electronic Computer Module (ECM)

2.  Replaced the ECM. Fuel Pump and Ignition Switch.

3.  Bypassed the seat belt latch switch. 

The mechanix has a complete set of wiring diagrams, plus he accomplished a complete engine servicing.

Could anyone offer a possible resolution to my problem.  While I am not a mechanic I will be pssing any responses to my mechanic.  If you would like direct contact with the mechanic for a better discussion, I can provide his particulars upon request.

Bob Snyder


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