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Engine surge


Vehicle Information: Year: 1976; Body Type: Targa;

I have read the questions asked on surging already, but I did not see any comment on a real rich mixture. My 911S will start up easily and then sometimes will start surging from 1200 rpm to almost stalling and has the smell of a really rich mixture. This is only an intermittent problem though, sometimes it starts up fine with no problem at all. If I depress the accelerator and keep the idle around 2000 rpm, it is still burning rich for up to about 5 minutes, then the idle comes down to around a 1000 rpm, smooths out, and is burning normally. During the time I have the accelerator depressed, the engine is vibrating more, like it would be "missing". I have not been able to determine if it is ambient temperature related, since the weather is just beginning to warm up some. If I start it up and immediately start driving, it does not appear to have this problem.

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