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Engine/Electricl "Cuts-Out" at Idle and in 1st Gear

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Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera; Year: 1985; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 160,000 (20,000 on new engine);

Hello and Thank You in advance for taking the time to address my Query!Please forgive me if this issue has been addressed but I searched but the only similar topic was at High RPM's, my issue was at idle and in 1st gear, low RPM's.4 months ago I replaced the Alternator and V belt at the dealer.Last week Southern California went through some very hot weather, 105-113 degrees. Unfortunately, I was driving alot of miles (100+ per day) in it with my A/C on.I noticed an unusual vibration noise from the engine compartment in the mornings and decided today to investigate it.Before I opened the rear lid, I turned her on in an attempts re-create the noise and locate it. Maybe 30 seconds later, I found the culprit then suddenly the engine shut off.The battery light was on and I immediately attempted to restart and it started normally. I reved the engine and then turn her off to work on the noise issue.An hour later, I finished my repair to the loose radiator support arm on the the driver side hinge in the Turbo Tail assembly.She started fine and I put her into gear then about 100 feet later in 1st gear 2500-2700 RPM's the engine suddenly cut out, battery light went on, I pushed in the clutch immediately and it would not even push start. I stopped and tried to restart but it would not even turn over. The starter was turning but no iginition to the engine. Constant attempts to restart was draining the battery.Couple of minutes later while I was thinking it was the Alternator again she finally started.I drove around the block, drove normally, pulled over to take care of some things. An hour or so later I came out, she started fine and drove back home.Another hour later I drove to the Gym, 2 hours later drove home. No more sudden shut downs.Sorry for being so wordy but I hope you can help or direct me to the Answer if it has already been addressed.Again Thank You!Jim

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