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Error Code P0410 - Secondary Air Injection System Checks OK

  • 2001
  • 911 Turbo
49 000

My 2001 911 Turbo has started to throw error code P0410 and I could not license it without spending at least $150 to try and fix the problem (I know this is odd but welcome to Seattle).  I took it to an emissions specialist and they checked every component of the secondary air injection system and said that everything was working fine.  I got a waiver from them so it could be licensed.  At the emissions testing center the car actually passed the emissions test, no errors.  I was pleased.  And then about four or five days later again with the Check Engine Light and P0410.  Since then I have reset the OBDII system twice and the error keeps on popping up.

The emissions folks said they checked the diverter value and it was functioning.  I have read that this can be a bugaboo.  They suggested running it for a few hours on the freeway to get the engine really hot but I have not had the opportunity to do this yet.

Do you have any ideas other than taking it to the dealership with a bucket of money?


Mike Spaid

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