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Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Euro SC; Year: 1984; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.0L; Total Mileage: 88,000;

A friend of mine at the track has told me that I can use 9's and 8's x 16with a track tire instead of my 8's and 7's without doing anything to thecar. I called Wheel Enhancement and they said it could not be donewithout adding more negative camber than I wanted, since I also drive thecar on the street. Any opinions?Also, I recently purchased some new street tires. In replacing the rearbrake pads one of the lug nuts came off with difficulty and it appearedthat the metal from the nut was coiling off in spots as the nut wasremoved. One of my Porsche friends who is a good mechanic said that itwas probably the nut that was cross threaded, since the bolt in the hubwas made of stronger metal. I attempted to put a new lug nut on butencountered resistance and was not comfortable trying to force the nutback on. Given everything, it would appear to me that the stud is perhapsalso cross threaded. Can the stud be rethreaded assuming the problem doesnot exist at the end of the stud, or am I going to have to remove the hubetc. the replace the damaged stud? I was able to put the damaged nut backon and torque it to 90 ft-lbs.

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