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EURO 930 Power kit Part #'s

  • 1983
  • 911 Turbo
38 967
North Carolina

I recently purchased a 1983 ROW 930 that I believe was a special wishes car equipped with the factory 330 bhp power kit introduced that year.  I understand the additional power was due to a larger intercooler, higher lift cams, revised airbox, and a 4 tip dual outlet exhaust amongst other items.  My car has the original SN, but has had some bolt on modifications.  I would like to return the car to it's original 930 S specs and would thus like to find the missing parts.  I have the original intercooler and airbox and many pieces of metal tubing, but am missing the exhaust, both headers and muffler.  I am sure there are probably some other parts that are part of this conversion, such as the large brass circular "fueler" that is seen in many of the pictures of these engines. I would appreciate it if a list of all part #'s for this conversion could be listed along with a description of such parts.

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