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Euro CIS Running Lean

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3, stock with 964 cams and aftermarket muffler; Total Mileage: 66000;

Christian:I am having fuel system problems with my 1983 Grey Market 930 that has Euro CIS.Car is running lean above 5200 RPM, and the A/F Ratio is topping out at 13.71. The lowest it reads is around 12.5. Both of these measurements taken on the dyno.Car is pretty much stock, except for 964 cams, and an aftermarket muffler (not sure which brand, no stampings on it). My Euro CIS system should not be running out of steam on a car that is only putting out 278 at the rear wheels.CO at idle is a very high 6.2 percent, measured with a Gunsen Gas Tester.What kind of pressure should my system have, where and how can I measure it? Also, what volume should it flow over say a 30 second period?Car has the stock K26, and stock intercooler. Running 100 Octane most of the time.Thanks for your assistance. Also, is there anyone you would recommend in the Southeast that is knowledgable enough with CIS to help me solve this problem.Brian

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