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Euro X73 Suspension Option


Vehicle Information: Year: 2001 996TT; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 12000;

I seached and nothing shows up under X73 suspension. Back ground: I just bought a 996TT that has the Euro X73 suspension. As far as I know this is an option in Europe. I'm told this options consists of shocks (non-adjustable), springs (lower the car) and solid motor mounts. I would like to Auto-X this car once in a while a PCA events. I have a National SCCA A-Street Prepared Corvette ride this year so this is just for low pressure fun!(vs high pressure fun!) The car has 235/19's on 8.5" rims on the front and 315/19's on 11.5" rims on the rear. It also came with 18's Kinesis 8.5 and 11's with Dunlop race tires 235's/285's. Which I plan to use for Auto-X till they wear out.The car has corner exit push W/ the 19's which I assume will be less with the narrower rear tires on the car but still present.Rear 2.5 neg camber (minimal toe) front 1.0 neg camber(I think "0" Toe)My questions: 1. Would adjustable sway bars (less money) allow me to dial in the car better than a good set of double adjustable shock. (say Penske's)2. If I go the sway bar route. What size or who's and are factory adjustables available?3. Any other suggestions beside a RWD car?Thank you in advance for your assistance!PS: While the springs are stiffer than stock they seem comfortable on our S. Calif. Streets.

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