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Exhaust Fire


Vehicle Information: Year: 1989; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3L, permatune ignition, K27 turbo, Mille Miglia muffler and headers; Total Mileage: 54000 mile;

Modifications done approximately 15 years ago. The car suffered an exhaust fire however for insurance claim purposes and future safety must determine cause. Prior to fire turbo boost was lost car was running like it was only using 2 cylinders. Coughing, wheezing, sputtering no power. Upon inspection stainless muffler turned purple from heat, all plastic etc above muffler from turbo on and some bumper parts melted. Turbo inspected was running freely no seal issues however numerous broken and cracked fins. The local Porsche dealer claim something constricted exhaust flow from muffler pressurizing system causing problems and turbo blade fracture. Insurance claims normal wear and no cause due to exhaust or turbo probably a plastic bag trapped on muffler and caught fire. Had minor issue of ocassional oil burning and smoke prior to fire. Have rebuilt turbo and replaced muffler. Car runs fine. Also had boroscope done on engine as insurance company thought a valve blew up and passed through engine causing turbo fan damage. Cylinders and everything look fine still have cross hatching marks from when built new. I am now arbitarting repair claim and need help with identifying fire cause. Any ideas?

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