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Filling the gas tank


Vehicle Information: Model : 911 Carrera S; Year: 2007; Mileage: 1011;

When filling the gas tank for the first time on my new Carrera S, the pump clicked off at only 9 gals and the fuel gauge on the dash showed only 3/4 full. The Porsche dealer checked this out and reported they found no problem. The next time, I filled the tank at a slow rate but it again turned off at about 9 gals and this time, I manually "topped" off the fuel until I added about 13 gals total and the fuel gauge showed full. The pump repeatedly turned off at about 1/3 gal increments. Both times, I filled up at Costco, where I have been gettng gas for years, on several different Acuras.I have subsequently filled the tank twice at a Chevron station with no problem.Have others reported similar problems with their Porsches? Is this likely to be a gas pump problem at Costco or something to do with my Porsche?Thanks in advance for your help.

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