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Fix rough idle on DME car without an exhaust analyzer?


Model: 911, Year:1985, Mileage:45k, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I want to fix a rough idle problem on my stock 3.2 using the factory procedure for setting the idle mixture control and idle speed (Allan Caldwell article in this September's Panorama). The procedure says to use an exhaust analyzer. My questions are:1. Is there any way to do this job without the analyzer? I've seen non-analyzer procedures on CIS cars involving reading the output of the O2 sensor with a multimeter. So it seems like that might work for a DME car too.2. If the answer to 1. is no, do you have a recommendation for an analyzer that costs less than $100? Can I just rent an analyzer from a car parts store? Or is it better to wait until spring here in VT and bring the car to a Porsche shop for their analyzer?If it matters, the problem is that the idle speed oscillates and over the last few years the engine has stalled once or twice when it was cold.

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