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Flashing 4th and D Tiptronic

  • 2002
  • Boxster S
80 000

2002 tip, 986 S with 80K

Flashing 4th and D after warm up, however transmission works fine and the normal lights come back in a minute or so, go to 4th and D again, etc as I drive. Automatic and manual function fine, just dont get the feedback in the dash lights when its out.

I had the transmission serviced, new fluid, filter etc about 6 months ago, but the problem didn't completely resolve. Now with the warmer weather, I'm thinking I should iron out this issue.
I have a durametric scanner displaying these codes:

P0710 Transmission temperature sensor
P1823 Pressure Regulator3
P1818 Pressure Regulator2

I heard from the previous owner that when he got the car, the tranny was very low on ATF and he had it topped off. (it was not flashing the error lights when I bought it) Again, I serviced the tranny after a couple of months when I noticed the lights, this didnt stop the flashing.
I am considering running a cleaner/flush in the tranny before doing a series of drain/fill operations with the hope that I can clean up the regulators of varnish before I give up and swap this out with an extra tranny I have.

base questions

Assuming that coolant flows into tip, could a faulty transmission’s coolant vacuum valve contribute to heat issues on Tip?Do I have a bad sensor (thermistor) based on previous overheat?
Is it a mistake to attempt a cleaner? Anybody have a product in mind for this?

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