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Flashing Brake light in 2018 718 cayman in USA part 2

  • 2018
  • 718 Cayman
Electrical and Electronic

This is a reply to Mr Bonilla, Pedro.

It seems that relying to your original answer wont get to you. So I am trying it this way.

Thank you, very much Mr. Bonilla, Pedro 

About the 718 Adaptive LED braking lights, If you happen to find out if PIWIS can do it, would you please let me know?

In my experience, sometimes dealerships don’t want to change anything, my guess is for liability purposes, or maybe it’s just not worth  their time, effort, or need the space for another car that actually needs a more important repair(s), or even a more expensive model/more important customer.

Do you think is something that could be programmed by an outside PORSCHE tuning shop?

Thank you again for your time and efforts to answer my questions.

Do you have any other way to contact you For the occasional PORSCHE or 718 questions?

I am new to the PORSCHE family and I like learning about the brand, the PORSCHE experience, driving, etc

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