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Flucuating tach and dash lights


Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Body Type: Coupe;

When I start my car (instantly starts, battery always strong), sometimes the tack will flucuate about +/-500 rpm at low rpm's, typically it will stabilize at higher rpms. After about 5 minutes of driving it will stabilize and the problem won't re-occur. This doesn't, however, happen every time it starts, and it has no correlation with engine temp. Also, when driving with dash lights on, they will occasionally become pleasantly bright, and hold that for a minute or longer, then go back to their normal dim state (all bulbs have been replaced and contacts cleaned). I never see the alternator light go on or flicker, and the H4's don't seem to be affected, and don't get brighter with engine rpm, and they are plenty bright. What's going on? Is my regulator getting long in tooth? I sure like the bright dash lights.

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