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Foam in engine oil filler/breather


Vehicle Information: Model: 912E; Year: 1976; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 4 cylinder, type 4; Total Mileage: 45,000;

I have a foam that collects in my 1976 912E oil filler/breather. I have read that this is due to not running the car enough. If so then it started with the orginal owner although I run the car at least 20 miles/week to/from work and around town. Is this foam harmless or should I do something to clean it out? If so, what?I asked about an unusual tire valve stem and the heater blower switch last year. I just came across my old question and thought I should report the outcome.I traded those 15" Fuchs for some correct 14" with Ernies Alloys. He said my 15" wheels were made for tubes and his simple fix to go tubeless was the use of truck valve stems. Anyone could ask Ernie for the details. To Ernies credit I must say that despite an early misunderstanding he corrected a mistake and made good on his promises and I would recommend him.The problem with my heater blower was in the switch at the control lever next to the hand brake. I just had to rebend the contacts.

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