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Fog Light Wiring


Vehicle Information: Model: 911SC; Year: 1983; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 68000;

Everything is well installed and working with one problem. Regardless of the position of the fog light switch, I can't turn the fog lights off when the headlights are on. They do go off with the high beams, which is how I wanted it. At the fuse panel, I've got the red wire at the top of fuse 3, the white/green wire to the top of a fuse 2 positions from the front of the car, the white/yellow wires at the bottom of that position, and the brown ground screwed into a threaded hole in the body. At the switch, I've got brown at # 31, blue/white at #I, black/blue at #58, grey at #15, and #III is empty. Thank you!

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