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FOLLOW-UP: '95 Rear suspension "tail wag"

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 93000;

Joel,Thanks for all of your help recently, I wanted to make sure and follow-up regarding my issue w/ the '95 rear suspension components vs. 96-98 versions w/ the entire story (for additional background, see the bottom of this message)--early 95 build - VIN: XXXXXXXXXXX321791..93K C2I just picked the 993 up after not having the car for close to 3 weeks. Most of that time was spent waiting for the warranty company to send out their inspector. Finally, he got around to testing driving the car and my wrench called to tell me he brought it back in less than 2 minutes and said it tried to switch lanes on him. Good news for me, free new rear suspension parts.So, after picking it up, I wanted to give it a good run this weekend prior to posting here just to be sure the problem didn't return. Again, updated are all of the rear suspension pieces (components and part #s listed below as per your recommendation) w/ the later '96-'98 version and had car aligned to those specs. Goofy tail wag problem has officially disappeared.I asked my wrench to compare the rear arms coming off the car and he was obviously very interested in it as well (he has been working on p-cars in the Potomac PCA region for 30 years and has racing experience as well). He didn't set up a proper jig to measure...but he did comparing side-by-side measurements and couldn't tell a bit of difference b/t the two, they were exact to the millimeter (and to the best of my knowledge, those were the original arms). Maybe the materials used in the arm or rubber are differentmaybe you need to set up a proper jig see a difference?? Here are the part listings again:1- 993.331.041.02 A-arm L1- 993.331.042.02 A-arm R2- 993.331.045.03 Kinematic link L&R2- 993.331.047.03 Camber link L&RI will say this, the Porsche dealers are ok w/ selling the updated rear control arms independent of the linksso if they know that the parts are different on early 95 cars, that would be very wrong/irresponsible of them not to let on about it. I updated all of the pieces just to be sure.Rick

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