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follow up to 964 project car


Vehicle Information: Model: 964; Year: 1991; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 97 3.6; Total Mileage: 42k engine 26K transmission 68K car;

Chris I forgot to respond to some of your questions.Wheel and tire combination are still being decided. Right now we are looking at A 18x8 front wheel and 18 X 11 rear. I think the wheel will fit without modifying the body, we are installing a 965 rear trailing arms to push out the rear tires. Right now the rears have 295 35 18's on them I don't think the rubber will fit but they are putting the rear together and letting me know The front rubber is 230 35 18's.Aerodynamic parts right now, just a fixed turbo wing on the rear of the car.The suspension is off of my 964 a Koni adjustable sport shock, with H&R springs. I have a H&R 26 MM stabilizer bar as well.Any other aerodynamic parts you can think of that would help me out?Thanks Jonathan wrote: Your question posted on has been answered: Classification: Other Subject: New Build Model: 911 Year: 1991 Total Mileage: 68 car 26 engine Car Use: Track Question: Hi Chris I am in the process of starting a new build for track and street. If you could go over the basics of the build and lend me any advice for the car at this stage i would be very appreciative. Here is the basic contract(attached) Also i just read a article I would like your input on for the transmission. Article I read: Transmission Modifications for Improved Performance One of the first things an builder wishing to improve the acceleration of their car should consider is changing ge ar ratios. The wide gear ratios used by Porsche are a result of designing for street drivability, fuel economy and emissions, not best performance!! A close-spaced set of gears in any car adds an "effective" 50 HP to the acceleration potential. Reducing the RPM drop each time you up-shift keeps the engine in the most productive parts of the torque curve. One must experience this to fully appreciate this effect. Car will be street track eventually club race, hopefully. Thanks For any input you have Jonathan MAret Answer: Since the readers cannot see the contract, I will summarize that it is a 97 varioram engine being installed in a 91 C2, including 6 speed transmission. Suspension upgrades are being added (I don't know exactly what) as well as big red brakes front and rear. This sounds like a good start for a track/street car. I would like to know about wheel and tire sizes and what the suspension is, and what aerodynamic parts a re going to be installed. I agree with the statement on the transmission, and in fact we have done that many times. One consideration is whether you are going to PCA club race, as changing gear sets will move you into modified, whereas changing ring and pinion will move you up one class in stock. I prefer the gear ratio change for the above reasons. I would recommend if you are contemplating this change that you drive the car first, as the 6 speed has closer ratios than earlier boxes, and it will give you an idea of your car's performance on your track(s). You can then choose your ratios to suit your situation. You might decide to leave 6th gear alone for freeway cruising. Cost-wise, changing 2-5th gears is roughly similar as changing the ring and pinion, and you would also want to add the steel racing synchro parts, as the shifting is much crisper and will last longer. Good luck on your new car, and write back if you have more questions. Chris Powell - P CA WebSite - 6/28/2007 __________________________________________ Click here to view this question online or copy this link ({A4888B00-8586-461D-B95B-88F929C70425}) and paste it into your browser. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. THIS IS AN UNMONITORED MAILBOX.

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