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Follow up to Sport exhaust torque with 2002 996


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 15000;

As a follow up to my recent question on the extra power available to my 2002 996 C-2 coupe I have some observations to send along. Essentially the ony change made to car was to add the PSE. My sense was that there was an immediate improvement in the power that my car could put down. Although there have been lots of nay sayers stating that the Porsche Sport Exhaust made no claims of enhanced power that the exhaust sytem was just about enhancing the driving experience.Making no claims in this greedy and litigacious world is sensible. However hereare my results running my 2002 Porsche at Virginia International Raceway. Without the benefit of the Sport exhaust my 996 is fun to drive and is a handling dream.I spend a lot of time at VIR where I routinely Instruct for various clubs for Drivers Education. I do keep close track of various speeds on the track particularily terminal speed on various longer straights both entry and the speed at the commencement of the brake zone. Before this modification my cars terminal speed before breaking to slow for turn one was at best 131mph. After the install of the Sport Exhaust the terminal speed is 144 and this is in a lengthened braking zone. I did some simple math and found that my speed was 8% higher. Testing conditions were very similar temps were within a couple of degrees and humidity was also about the same. As a completely uninformed Automotive Engineer I thought about the fact that my car is 8% faster at this one spot on the track is it reasonable to assume that the Sport Exhaust increases power by 8% or is this not the direction to follow? I would love to hear your thoughts especially as to the amount of power increase one must apply for a desired outcome. Is it reasonable to look at the outcome as if I am 8% faster hear and I am 10% faster in this other section then I can infer a certain improvement in power?

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