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Front Control Arms


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944 Turbo; Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5 litre; Total Mileage: 56000;

I understand the control arms on a 1986 944 Turbo are shorter than the years following it. Other than the negative scrub radius generated by moving the steering axis outboard or the extra space saved for the ABS sensor ring, is it possible or is there any advantage of replacing the shorter control arms by the longer arms?It is also said that the steering knuckle (spindle) on a 1986 944 Turbo is weaker than the years following it, and it is recommended to replace the spindle so that a strongle hub can be used. Is that any truth to it? However, it is also said that the M030 spindle should not be used, otherwise the brake has to be changed to a 928S4 version. So the conclusion may be to use the later 944 (not S) or 968 spindle. Is that recommended? I thought the 1988 Turbo S became the 1989 regular 944 Turbo, and then became 968, so the brake used by the 1988 Turbo S and the following years would be that of 928GTS.

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