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Front ride height not adjustable


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T; Year: 1970; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): PMO CArbs; Total Mileage: 130K;

I am trying to get the ride height correct on my 70 911T. The previous owner had installed larger rear wheels and tires and raised the car to accomodate them. He must ahve also raised the front to match the look.I installed 6" Fuchs with 205's as had been suggested here, and I am now trying to lower thecar. We got the rear to be correct, but the front is giving us grief, and you would think the front is easier to adjsut!It seems that the right front won't come down any. We let out the adjustment screw on the torsion bar and even at zero, the height is too high. The torsion bar moves a bit inside the A arm so that doesn't seem frozen. The left side is adjsutable. We then dissengaged the stabilizer bar link and it still won't come down. The only thing holding the car up would be the strut at this point. I've been told that the strut may be bent since the car is pulling to the right and they can't seem to correct this with an alignment. I'm not sure of the make of the strut, but it is black or dark green and not orange like the rear Konis.Is there anything I can do do correct the front height at this point. Do I need to replace the struts? Is there anything that will keep the front from dropping if all the parts are loosened except for the strut?On another note, beside the measurments that the Hayne's manual uses, is there a table with fender lip and center wheel heights that would be a quick reference? Even with the specs given it would be easier to measure the lips of the fenders since the tires make a difference too.

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