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Fuches on a Cayman?

  • 2011
  • Cayman S
24 000
Wheels and Tires

Got myself a beautiful 2011 Cayman S last fall and as I endure the winter in Canada I began thinking what I'd to do to personalize it, you know make it my own. and one thought I had was to fit Fuch rims to give it thas early 911 appearance. It is currently fittted with the optional 19 " rims fitted with 235/35ZR19 and 265/35ZR19 tires, while optimum for performance their harsh on Southern Ontario roads, I'm thinking I would prefer 18" or even 17' for the road and keep the 19's for track days (which I aspire to do)

So I see Fuch has listings for 17 and 18" Fuches to fit the Cayman. but expensive, like $7000 to $8000 CDN$ with tires.

How about used 16's?

The only problem I see is the offset,


7 x 16 Fuch's # 911.362.115.00 have ET23.2 mm of offset whereas the 17" stock rim recommendatiois is ET55, this means the wheel will be located outboard 31.8 mm, and likely interfere with the fender, right?

How about 6 x 16 Fuch # 911.361.020.43 rims for the front? The reduced rim width (25.4 MM) will reduce the offset to 31.8 - (25.4/2) = 19.1mm

Suitable tires for the 16's would be 205/55-16 which have a circumference within 2.7% of my original 19 factory optional wheels


Similarly, I would consider using narrower rims on the rear

Fuch 7" rears # 911.361.020.45, offset is ET23.3 v recommended ET40, again with a reduced rim width of 38.1 mm it would reduce offset to 40 - (38.1/2) = 20.95 mm v the rims 23.2mm, a tolerable diference?   . 

A suitable tire being a 225/55-16, Circumference within 2.7%


As I see it, just the front being a problem, Do you agree?


Tim Chelli 











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