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Fuel leaks

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Model: 964 Carerra 2; Year: 1991; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6l; Total Mileage: 65000;

I had to remove the gas tank to work on the AC unit and removed the fuel pump to loosen some lines to remove the tank. Fixed the AC and reconnected the fuel pump but can't stop the leaks. Have replaced the check valve and the seal rings (bought used valve and rings)but no matter what I do I can't stop the leak. Can you tell me what the torque specs are on the nut that sandwiches the banjo fitting to the valve and is it possible that I have somehow damaged the pump and caused it to leak from where they crimped the pump housing together? I am down to ordering a new fuel line, seal rings, and valve assembly but have a hard time believing I can't fix this. My background is industrial hydraulics so I am used to plumbing but not generally in tight spaces. Do you hold the banjo fitting still while tightening the nut? What are the tricks?

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