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Fuel or Electrical problem or both?

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Model: 356 B; Year: 1963; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): push rod, four speed, manual, 1600cc; Total Mileage: 44000;

I recently purchased a fairly clean 1963 356B. The previous owner told me that he had the engine rebuilt in 1986. The car was parked for long periods of time and occasionally driven. The problem I am having is that upon start the car idles low and wants to die if I don't apply the throttle. After the car is warm and has been driven the idle gets stuck idling higher than normal, about 1900 rpm. After long drives and then coming to a stop the car dies out, but can be restarted and idles again at 1900 rpm. Could this be due to a bad generator, a misfiring spark plug,or rust particles blocking the fuel flow?. Lastly, I have been running regular unleaded fuel, as the previous owner told me that is what he had been using after the rebuild. How can I tell if I should be using a lead additive. I need the best sequence for trouble shooting this thing myself as not to get stuck with terrific expenses.

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