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fuel pump check valve location


Vehicle Information: Year: 1978; Body Type: Targa;

Am trying to fix a hot start vapor lock problem. In a previous ? and reply titled "1979 911 SC Fuel Pump Check Valve" the part number given as a check valve is 911-608-211-00. I bought this part and it is a simple hollow fuel connector, not a check valve. As the previous question indicates, this part IS called a check valve on latter models, but not '78 or '79. I don't have the Oct 2001 Panorama article refered to in another "fuel check valve / vapor lock" tech question, so any advice on where the check valve might actually be on the '78, or how to find out would be greatly appreciated. I've added a pelican parts diagram for to illustrate this part #. Thanks once again for all the great help in Tech Q&A!

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