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Fuel Tank Swirl Chamber


Vehicle Information: Year: 1974; Body Type: Coupe;

Hello:I have 74'S engine in a 67' 912. With my 67' tank I was returning fuel via a line discharging through special fitting into tank filler neck. This works fine except with very low fuel level and abrupt stop engine starves and dies. "Upgraded" to 77 tank. Now engine starved of fuel with 7 gallons still in tank. Does fuel return need to go to tank return fitting so that return fuel enters interior of swirl chamber rather than via filler neck for this tank to work properly? It seems to starve when fuel level drops below top of baffle that runs front to back on drivers side of swirl chamber. If I better understood the interior of the tank I might understand why I am having fuel starvation. My problem seems somewhat like an earlier one sent to you where the fellow was having the same sort of problem and you asked if there was a large dent in the bottom of the tank. I do not have a large dent.

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