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G50 g'box Oil - Best type and Weight ?

  • 1987
  • 911 Carrera Targa
28 800
Transmission and Clutch

My owner's manual says to use 90W in the G50 g'box (not LSD).  Time has marched on, and now we have greatly improved lubricants from which to choose.  I would like to use a full synthetic, and am also interested in using a multi-grade oil such as an 85W-140. 90W-140, etc. for better protection in the summer heat.  I will greatly appreciate your input.

-  Subsequent to my initial post (paragraph above), I've found many with professional Porsche experience are saying that Mobil 1 Synthetic Delvac 75W-90 is the way to go.  Any issues with that lubricant ?



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