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Gauge cluster

  • 1986
  • 944 Turbo
142 000

Struggling with gauge problems with my '86 951 and getting desperate enough to see if there is anyone out in Porsche land that can help.

I've owned the car for 25 years.  Trouble started when I pulled my instrument cluster (for the first time) to replace the broken odometer gear in the spring.  Gear went in fine.


When I replaced the cluster and tested it out I found that initially some of the indicator lights didn't come on.  I found I hadn't fully seated the "B" connector.  When I remedied this I broke the handles to the locking tabs when I was trying to make sure it was tight.  I pushed the connector on and found that all the lights and gauges worked as they should so I thought I was done and patted myself on the back.


The first time I took the car out at night I found that the instrument illumination lamps didn't come on.  I had replaced the factory bulbs with the brighter bulbs recommended on Clarks Garage when I replaced the odo gear.


I wasn't looking forward to pulling the cluster out again so I've been driving it this summer with no instrument lights.


Cooler weather has arrived so I got motivated to pull the cluster to see if I could determine why the lights didn't come on.  After pulling the cluster, I removed the bulb socket and put 12v on each bulb to determine they do light up.  I remembered the problem I had with indicator lights not working when I connected the "B" connector back in the spring, so I looked closely at the pins in the connector.  I found a couple of the pins appeared to be sunken into the pin slot so they weren't sticking up to make contact with the tab on the circuit board the connector engages.


I found a very small pick and pried the wire finger out of the connector body slot so that they would make contact with the circuit tab when the connector was installed.   I reinstalled the instrument cluster (loose) into the dash and connected all three wiring connectors.


Upon testing I found that my illumination lights now work but my "!" warning light won't come on when I put on the e-brake and that my fuel gage immediately goes up past the full mark when I turn on the key.  I know this is not right because my fuel gage would never register 4/4 even with a full tank (would register slightly above 3/4 when full).  I fiddled a couple of times with the "B" connector to see if I could get everything to work but no dice.  Sometimes the "!" light would be "slightly" on when it should have been but some more fiddling got that to stop.  All other indicator lights, turn signals and gages work correctly. 


I'm suspecting something is quite right with some of pins in the "B" connector but it isn't obvious when I look at them. 


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