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Gauge Cluster Repair/Replacement

  • 2006
  • Boxster S
37 500
Electrical and Electronic
Vero Beach, 

Last week the On Board Computer Display (digital speedometer, etc.) went dim. It is not completely out but is unreadable except in darkness. All other cluster functions work normally. The local dealer quoted $4500 for a new replacement saying they cannot be repaired. I contacted several shops that do this work but they agreed with the dealer (mostly due to lack of parts availability). So my choices are:

  1. Live with it or
  2. Buy and install a used one

Assuming I go with option 2, what needs to be done to make the new unit work in my car, i.e. mileage correction, coding, etc? Also, my current cluster has yellow gauge faces. How hard are they to transfer over?

One other thought. As only one LCD screen is bad would it be possible to remove one from another (used) unit and replace the bad screen in my otherwise good cluster thus avoiding coding, speedometer correction and gauge face transfer?

Thanks for the help.

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