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Gear shifting issue, localized sound in right rear, repair shop suggestion

  • 1991
  • 911 Carrera 2
42 500

Hi all, I've had a series of events that may or may not be linked that has caused me to shelve my car for the past 12+ months.

August 2017: I had front and rear brake work done at Zims (replaced pads, dampners, discs, and sensor wires). I had continued squealing of brakes and expected them to burn in, but the squealing never went away.

November 2017: I noticed smoke coming from the rear right wheel well.

January 2018: I had continued squealing of brakes (and the smoke) so returned to mechanic (Zims) and they noticed a problem ("rotors had excessive lateral runout") and replaced the pads and rotors "under warranty."

February 2018: As I was about to enter the highway and shifting into third I lost all acceleration. I pulled off and drove home slowly since I was very close. I could reliably keep the car in first or second gear. 

I've not taken the car to a mechanic since and have not driven the car. I hear a "clicking" sound that seems to come from the right rear of the car - similar location where I saw the smoke coming from starting in November 2017.

So, I want to take it to a mechanic but I am going to switch from Zims - too far away and these recent issues have created a loss in confidence. I was considering Autoscope White Rock (close to my house).

I am looking for any suggestions for what the mechanical problem might be and a mechanic for this car vintage and possible repair need.

Thanks for everyone's help in advance.



Ron Stelmarski


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