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Glovebox issue

  • 2002
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
41 002

I need to replace a broken glovebox handle/latch on my 2002 911 C2 Cab. Parts have been purchased and are in hand. I need to remove the glovebox door inner liner that is secured by 11 screws. Once the liner is removed access is then available to remove the two screws holding the original glovebox latch in hidden below the liner. The problem is the removal of the right and left side glovebox "door" supports holding the "door" in place. Does anyone know how to remove these sliding supports before I do something incorrectly and wind up breaking them. My best guess is that the two supports are removed at the base where they are attached to the glovebox liner. Any help will be appreciated. My local Porsche dealership will do the job for 180.00 (10 minute job) on top of the 143.00 part with PCA discount. Thank you.

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