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glue in windshield for older 911's


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Coupe; Year: 1976; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 120000;

I have been working on this car for almost 6 years to make it the ultimate personal expression of what I think a 911 should be, so not much is left of the car that is the same as it was when it left the factory. My goal is more to show off my skills with a beautifully modified car, than it is to win a concours - I will be driving this car on the street, maybe drivers ed, never racing it.I would like to install a glue-in windshield as used on 993's in this car to benefit both from the "flush" look that I think is much better looking than the slightly recessed windshield that the original large rubber molding with the aluminum insert gives this car, as well as benefitting from the added ridigity that the glue in windshiled is supposed to provide.The 993's have a different part number for the windshield frame than the older cars, so it may have a different windshield "shelf" on the inside of the frame for the windshield to rest on or be glued to. When I asked a windshield shop, they told me that all the 911 windshields show the same diminsions, regardless of year of manufacture. so if this is correct, than I can use any 911 windshield to achieve the flush fit I want. If there is a different "shelf" inside the frame, than maybe all it would take is for me to weld the appropriate size square tube inside the frame so when the windshield rests on it, it doesn't sink down into the frame, but sits flush. I would then glue the windshield to this new square tube and insert the the skinny rubber trim piece around the perimiter.If this is the solution, would I end up with the typical squeaky 993 windshield problem, would the windshield be prone to cracking, even if it is installed by a professional shop, do you think it would be prone to leaking, wind noise or other problems that I haven't even thought of ?Any thoughts would be appreciated.ThanksJon.

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