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Got the bug for a 1994 Turbo


Vehicle Information: Year: 1994; Engine (Size, Modifications): Turbo 3.6; Total Mileage: 35,000;

I'm a recent convert to Porsche - having bought a 2000 996 earlier this summer. Having watched a friend replace his RMS on a 1999, and read more about the problem here and on other forums, I've decided that the 996 may not have the level of quality that I associate with Porsche (like many American manufacturers, they may be emphasizing production costs over quality). I've begun reading as much as I can about the earlier models, and I think I would be happier with either a 993 or a 964.At this point, I think my long term goal would be to have a 993 daily driver and a 964 turbo for weekend/autocross/D.E. Events. I've come across a 1994 Turbo 3.6 that is available. I know that they are rare in the US - but I don't know if it is easy to find one for sale at any given point of time. Since I suspect that it isn't easy to find one, I'm thinking about trading in the 996 for this 964. Ideally, I *should* get a daily driver before buying the fun car - but I'm not sure that cars like this come available very often. Everything that I know about this car is good so far: I like the color and the paint is in good shape; the full leather interior is very nice; mileage is low; the car sits level and straight; and the 3.6 turbo sounds like a challenging and rewarding car to learn to drive. I have yet to drive the car, so performance and handling are still unknown. Also, the car would need a thorough inspection (especially to check valve guide wear).So, here are my questions:1: Am I crazy to consider switching from a 996 to an older model? I know that the older cars have their issues also (such as valve guide wear), but it seems to me that "wear" is a normal occurence, while a crankshaft shifting wrt the rear main is a quality problem. 2: Do I have the cart before the horse - is it usually pretty easy to find 3.6 turbos (964) for sale? (If it is easy, then perhaps I should be looking for a reliable 993, and stop considering this 964 turbo)3: If I purchase this car now, I would probably wait until well into next year to purchase a daily driver. I'd like to keep cash available for service on this car, and possibly for options such as an EFI conversion. Would you consider using this turbo as a daily driver through the winter (I live in North Carolina - a few light snows and some ice)?Thank you,Kevin

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