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GT 3 - noise when backing up


Model: GT3, Year:2004, Mileage:13500, Type of use:Street use only
Allbought a used 2004 GT3 last month.Car had 12K miles, now about 13,500.Looks to have original tires but aftermarket (performance friction front rotors) - still have a terrible brake squeal - ordered some parts from Pelican, just haven't had the time to install. Anyhow different question this time. According to the seller - dealership out of Dallas, the car was not tracked or raced !!Here is my question:When backing up and turning at the same time, all at low speed, I hear a klonk, klonk or a noise similar to a 4 wheel drive car when in 4 - low and turning.I know that the car has limited slip and some noise could be the result of that but the noise i hear, seams almost like a binding cv joint or ring/pinion noise.Could it be the result of low transaxle fluid level??Any input or suggestions will be appreciated.

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