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Transmission and Clutch

Model: GT3, Year:2005, Mileage:12400, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Hello Joel. Thanks for all you do for the club.My GT3 with the RS SMF has recently developed a random issue with the clutch pedal travel. The clutch pedal will randomly stop at points between halfway and slightly higher than the bottom for normal travel. The only other symptom that I can assosciate with this problem is a rattle/rumble from the gearbox area (similar to the noise when idling in neutral with the clutch out) when shifting at high RPM. I have noticed this noise a few times just before the clutch pedal issue occured. The pedal travel issue seems to be completely random - occurs in all types of driving - slow to fast. One shift it will be threre, the next it won't. If it stops halfway I can move it slightly further by applying significantly more force than normal. If it stops closer to the bottom I can't budge it. Through all of this shifting is completely normal - shift lever moves normally and no grinding of syncros. Clutch take up is still smooth and at the same point (roughly halfway in normal pedal travel - which is right above where the pedal stops sometimes) as well as zero slipping under power. The dealer had the trasmission apart roughly a year and 2000 miles ago to fix a seal leak between sections of the case. They examined it while apart and pronounced it all good.My thought is something has broken loose in the clutch and is rattling around in there causing periodic interference with the clutch release. Any other thoughts before I take it back to my dealer?Thanks for your help.Jim Peyton

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