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GT3 Oil Overfill


Model: GT3, Year:2004, Mileage:26,000, Type of use:Street use only
Hi Joel,I left my independent shop and noticed smoke coming from the tailpipes. I stopped, checked the oil level and it was significantly overfilled but I couldn't tell by how much. The shop says a quart. I think several quarts. In hindsight, I think they drained the case but not the oil tank and then put 9 quarts in. I immediately returned to the shop after maybe 6 miles of driving. They lowered the level to normal and the smoke went away. No issues with CEL, O2, or MAF sensor. The car runs great but does smoke occasionally on start-up (usually after sitting for a few days but sometimes also hot) which it has always done. My shop says the dry sump engines are pretty resistant to damage from an overfill as long as the level is returned to normal promptly. Anything else I need to check or have serviced as a result of the overfill?Thank you,

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