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Model: Carrera Cab, Year:2001, Mileage:52200, Type of use:Street use only
Recently the handbrake button came out of the hand brake handle. It is a short (~2") aluminum cylinder closed at one end (the end you press on) and flared out at the other - the end that goes in the hand brake handle. There is a keyway cut in one side of the flare. Inside the handbrake is a plastic rectangular piece (when looking down the "barrel" of the hand brake handle) with a key that matches up to the keyway on the button. I reinserted the button with the key and keyway lined up, and the button appears to operate fine. However, there is really nothing holding it in except the "compression fit" of the flared part of the button against the barrel of the handle. My concern is that another part that holds the button in may have come out with the button and gotten lost. Do you know if there is another piece inside the handbrake handle that "locks" the button in the handle?

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