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head light switch

  • 2002
  • 911 Carrera
99 000
Electrical and Electronic

I installed a double din nav/blue tooth head unit in place of the original cdr 220. Everthing went well with a few problems that I worked through. One remaining problem is when I turn on the headlights the screen is supposed to reduce brilliance. It just keeps alternating back and forth from bright to dark. The problem is the 12 volt signal wire for this function is only showing about 7volts. So thinking I would be smart I installed a relay that would work down to five volts.  Should have been smarter because now with load on the signal wire (blue and white wire), the voltage goes below 5 volts and the relay goes crazy trying to operate. So now I wonder if the problem is with the headlight switch. If it is a connection problem somewhere between the headlight sw and where the wire shows up up at the radio that could be  a bear to find. For now I just disconnected the wire and use internal programing in the head unit for dark hour dimming. Anybody have experience with different headlight sw problems other than complete failure.


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