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Head studs


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 carrera targa; Year: 1985; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 l; Total Mileage: 97000;

I had the car for almost 9 years. And from the begining I knew that a couple of the oil return tubes were leaking big time, in addition the valve cover gasket started leaking ironicaly when I had the values adjusted at a reputable Porsche mechanic in town. Needless to say know I have a pool of oil in my garage. I bought the expandable oil return tubes and a new gasket and took the car to another mechanic who when put the car on the lift told me that some head studs may also be broken but he was not sure. And the only way to know was to open the valve covers and check. And offcourse he suggested an engine rebuild. First I did not understand why the engine would have to be droped to change the head studs but the the guy from performace parts explained to me that there was not enough space to change the studs.I do plan to change the oil return tubes and the gasket in the next few days and I do have an accses to a lift.My qusetion is this, can I for know not change the borken head studs[ if I do I will change all of them] and not cause further damage to the engine. Also if I decide to change them can I simply do that alone or do I have to do other things to the engine also. My last question and please exuse my ignorance in the subject, do I simply unscrew the old head studs and screw the new ones in or I have to do something else also. And finnaly does the engine realy has to come down.Before I decided to ask my question I went through the litreture that you have on line, however I wanted to hear from you exactly about my concerns.Thanks in advance for your response.Hassib.

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