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head studs


Model: 911T, Year:1972, Mileage:???, Type of use:Street use only
Hi Ed. I've returned from about a year in Australia, and have also returned to rebuilding the 1972 2.4 engine. It seems the head studs I received are too long; the installed length is near 5.87 inches as opposed to the 5.315 I expected. I am using the Snapon stud installer (not the Snapon removal tool) and have fabricated an installation gauge to insure the installed length is correct. Now the question: How long is the stud for a 2.4? I'd like to measure the ones I have to insure they are indeed long and the problem is not my installation technique (which has proven successful many times before). Maybe being in the southern hemisphere changed my tooling. Thanks for any information you can provide, and take care.

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