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Heater fan relay


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC; Year: 1979; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 60300;

I found the following question which adeqately describes my problem:911 (1978 SC to 1989 Carrera) Electrical1988 911 Carrera Heater fanQuestion: The heater fans, in each side of the interior footwells, run, at a very low speed, all of the time - even with the key turned off. The round switch, between the seats, that controls the speed works and by rotating it I can turn the fan speed up or down but never completely off. Thinking this switch was the problem, I tried disconnecting it(and also the switche associated with the levers because I think they are associated) but the fans still run. For the time being I have disconnected the power at each of the fans. Any ideas what else to do?Answer: There is a relay in the circuit that certainly could have fused itself together. Check terminal 87 coming out of the fan relay. The wire should be white and green. If the switch is to the off position then this wire should be dead. This is really the only other possibility unless the switch is bad and the wrong wire was pulled when you were checking that. The relay is powered through the number 2 fuse in the luggage compartment which in turn feeds terminal 30 to the fan relay. The trigger lines to the relay from the heater switch are 85 and 86. You can also put a meter between these two terminals while the switch is off. If they are showing 12 volts then the switch is the cause or the resister in line. Stephen Kaspar - PCA WebSite - 5/4/2003Where do I find this relay and do you have a part number to replace it?

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