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Heavy clutch pedal but no operational issue on 97 Boxster

  • 1997
  • Boxster
45 000
New Hampshire

I have a 97 Boxster with 45K miles. the car was serviced at the same indy shop I use and when I bought it this spring I verified the previous owner had the IMS bearing replaced with an LN Eng. ceramic one (as material had been caught during an oil change prior to complete failure).  At the time the clutch had more than 50% life so it was not replaced although the RMS was.  When I test drove the car, the clutch pedal was very heavy to push in but the clutch operates smoothly, no slippage or chatter.  I figured it was the assist spring since the clutch had just been inspected only 2K miles earlier but after disassembly and inspection the spring wasn't broken and was operating as it should.   My indy thinks the pressure plate is failing and wants to go back in and replace the clutch and flywheel.  I have had the brake / clutch fluid replaced with no impact and there are no leaks.  I'm still new to these cars and would ask for collective wisdom whether it could be the master or slave cylinder causing this?  The only other clue which may or may not be related at all is the clutch pedal squeaks when depressed even after I lubed everything including the assist spring with white lithium grease (standing on my head).  Before I drop $3K into a new clutch is there anything else I should be looking at?

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