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Help with 2000 Boxster S wiring diagram

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I'm building an autocross/DE car from a 2000 Boxster S. As a part of that, I'm removing weight everywhere. Last weekend I took my clippers to the wiring but along the way managed to remove a few more wires than I should have. Oops. I'm pretty sure I'm back to one wire/set of wires left to reinstate, but I don't understand what I'm seeing in the electrical diagrams. I've attached the two sheets I'm puzzled by. A few questions for you:

1. In Sheet 16, you can see the fuse B8 (the third one down that's been highlighted). I cut off some or all of everything to the left of it. Circled in green is a double-plus symbol. I don't know what that means, nor do I understand the text around it, "KL.1S" and "BS 16/1."

2. Still on Sheet 16, the green arrow points to the wire I think is my problem (I don't have a Tiptronic and I doubt there are any alarm capabilities still in there). That wire carries over to Sheet 19. On Sheet 19, the rest of that circuit is highlighted in pink. It ends at "TERM.15," which I am guessing is a terminal in a connector somewhere. Maybe into the Cartronic box? Or the three colored connectors in the rear trunk? I don't know what/where this is.

So, I guess the real question is, can you give me some guidance on what I need to put back into my wiring to get this all reconnected properly?

Thanks for taking a look.

Scott Good


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