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Help-Boxster w/only 11,116 miles= dead engine ?


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5 l; Total Mileage: 11,116; Transmission: Tiptronic;

Help- I am non mechanical. Bought a beautiful low mileage Porsche Boxster 12/03 from dealership in Minnesota. Boxster was owned by dealer in Iowa and then sold to friend in Minnesota who also owned dealership. I bought it and had it shipped to Colorado. Vehicle when purchased had only 8,456 miles on it from 1999 to 12/03. Flawless inside and out. I kept garaged and it only had 11,116 miles on it when engine died (2,663 miles put on by me in about 16 months). My wife and I were out on 4/18/05 on beautiful sunny Colorado day for a short drive. Rounded corner at 10-15 mph/low rpm's. Car shut off/lights came on dashboard and we could not restart it. Had vehicle towed to my mechanic's shop. They looked at it briefly and advised me to have taken/towed to Porsche dealership. My mechanic and the Porsche dealership think that the Boxster needs a new engine. Porsche dealer called to ask if I/or my mechanic wrote down any fault codes as they could not get any out of the computer/on the car ? Porsche service manager advises that we will have to pay for the engine to get it diagnosed so that a determination of what is wrong with it can me made. This results in about $1500+/to start with the determination. This must be done in order to bring Porsche N.A. into the picture so that they can determine next step(s). I was told by Porsche service manager that since vehicle is out of the warranty period and since it is a 1999 model that highly unlikely Porsche would assist me unless as a Good Will gesture. Estimates for a rebuilt engine,etc. are about $7k + service hours =15-20 hours so about $10k. Guess this does not even include the diagnostic's to my now (dead) engine ? I need help. I bought this vehicle from the many---- that we looked at due to it's condition and the incredible low miles and Porsche's reputation for its Auto's/Engine quality,etal. I would sincerely appreciate any/all feedback. Gary LWright

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