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Help or ideas for an engine area noise


Model: 996 Turbo, Year:2003, Mileage:68,300, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 2003 Turbo. It has 68,000 miles. There is a noise I am curious about. A mechanic scoped it the other day and couldnt really tell me anything. The noise is in the back of the engine. It sounds like it is coming from between the tail pipes or if you lift the deck lid from the top of the engine. According to the mechanic he said the sound was coming directly from the area that the timing chain is located. Now he and I agreed that sound can reverberate and seem like it is coming from 1 place but really be from another. Now like I said, he did use a scope. But the timing chain area is like an amp-theater cavity.The sound is like a loose metal panel, muffler clamp, or pieces of the cat-converters rattling around. It isnt there when you first start it up, but as the car warms up it is and from that point on. You cant hear it over the mufflers if you rev up the motor. It doesnt seem to speed up when you do rev it up but you cant hear it? It isnt very loud, just noticeable when the car is at idle and you are behind it. You can not hear in the front or inside it. There was a code for, lack of better terms, a vacuum leak that is associated the air pump that helps w/ the exhaust when the car is cold. I mention this in case the noise could be associated w/ this. When he read and cleared the code to reset the chk-eng light it took about 50 miles of driving and on the next morning the car was just below the 150 temp on the gauge when the light came back on. The mechanic said this would happen w/ the code he read until he found the air problem, but it was a smog thing not a performance or something to hurt the engine. I mention this in case some of you think the noise might be associated w/ this.The car just got plugs and an oil change. But not the whole 60,000 mile tune up. It runs great! Can anyone give me an idea of what this might be? Plus if most of you think it might be the timing chain, how many hours is given in the guide book to do the work? So Ill have an idea of the cost. Thanks, Craig

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